Tilda Rice

Television Commercial

Title: Television Commercial

Delivery: 30 Second, 10 second TVC and BTS film

Talent: Creative, production, filming, post-production

What was the brief?

Tilda Rice approached us back in the summer of 2014 requesting a broadcast advert to promote their latest coupon deal in collaboration with BonusBond. The deal meant that anyone buying more than one large bag of Tilda rice would be eligible for £15 worth of highstreet vouchers.

How did we approach the brief?

We decided to pitch Tilda a tongue in cheek approach which played on the classic idiom ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ – or in the case of our ad, ‘Keeping up with the Guptas’.

Shot documentary style, the scene would be set up as an interview with low-fi production value and deliberately faltering camera work. Crucially, the camera crew’s voices would also be heard in the background.

The idea was that a group of three nosy, slightly catty women would be sat berating their neighbour’s apparent extravagant lifestyle of endless shopping sprees and excessive Tilda rice consumption.

Mid-bitch, the women would be informed, by an over-eager soundman off camera, that the reason their neighbour appears so opulent is because Tilda Rice is currently giving away high-street vouchers – enabling the neighbour to shop on the high-street and treat herself to the new clothes they had just been reprimanding. Had they not heard about it?

Two of the women would look amazed while the third would look a little shifty.

Suddenly the two women would turn on the third, sensing her discomfort and point out that she appeared to be wearing a rather nice new top…

Tilda loved the concept and chose to develop it further to include the vouchers actually falling from the third woman’s bag in her discomfort – incriminating her further.


The result was a tongue in cheek TVC that appealed to the specific target audience and met the client’s objectives. We produced both a 30 and a 10 second TVC, as well as a radio ad to complete the broader campaign.

Behind the Scenes with Tilda Rice

Due to the documentary-style of shooting, we wanted to incorporate two camera angles, one that was stationary and one that was handheld, to give the ad a more amateur ‘behind the scenes’ look that would further add to the style.

In this behind the scenes film, you will see the vast amount of prep that went into the shoot set up, as well as the live edit we did on site for the client’s immediate feedback. All the crew worked tirelessly over the course of the day and produced an ad to be proud of.

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