University Of Northampton

Summer Honorand Film

What was the brief?

In early 2018 the University of Northampton approached us to produced a series of personal profile films, each telling the story of an Honorary Graduate who was due to receive an award from the University.

The films were a continuation of the series we produced in 2016 and 2017. Key to this brief was that the content needed to be shot in cinematic and considered way while telling an inspirational narrative that would resonate with the student audience.

How did we approach the brief?

Each of the individuals that the University was honouring had a unique story to tell; an art dealer, a science journalist, Clerk of the Leathersellers and a philanthropist, and we found our inspiration in those personal stories.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all creative approach, we considered a central theme for each individual film and crafted a narrative around that theme. We then used this as inspiration for our filming style, featuring re-occurring visual metaphors to emphasize key narrative points, whether that be a ticking clock to represent the change in an organisation over time or the opening of doors to represent new beginnings.


We delivered a series of films to the University of Northampton that were thoughtfully crafted, beautifully shot and told impactful stories to inspire the new generation of Graduates.


Account Manager: Oliver Knight
Producers: Jamie-Lee Carr & Jenny Strange
Creative: Eavan Ryan
Director: Chris Karageorgiou & Clemence Bartram
Camera Op: Dan Berens, Guy Francis & David Wyatt
Sound: Chris Sharland & Tom Griffiths
Editor: Assem Kaibzhanova

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