University of Bedfordshire

Cinema Ad

Title: Begin, Build, Believe

Delivery: 30 Second Cinema Ad

Talent: Location filming, creative, production, post-production, distribution

What was the brief?

The University of Bedfordshire wanted a 30-second cinema ad to attract prospective students, with a particular emphasis on demonstrating how the University helps its students excel in their chosen career.

How did we approach the brief?

As this ad was always destined for the cinematic canvas, we needed a concept which was succinct, simple and could be brought to beautiful life by our film crew. Working with Bedfordshire, we developed the idea of a graduate ‘rewinding’ through her time at the University, showing the experiences which put her on the path to success.

With script and storyboard done, the production team (led by director Peter Ford) spent the shoot crafting the images which would communicate the story with the maximum sense of uplift for the audience. Grading and other post-production touches brought the ad right up to silver screen standard.


Bedfordshire’s own figures show the cinema ad reached over 390,000 people, delivering 2,100 new website visitors, with those visitors staying an average of 7.2% longer than external traffic. 78% of YouTube viewers watched the film to the end, and it drew over 2,000 Facebook views.

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