University of East London

Social Sciences

Title: University of East London – Social Sciences

Delivery: 3 x 60 second films

Talent: Creative, scriptwriting, production, filming, post-production, editing, visual effects

What was the brief?

The University of East London came to us looking to produce three films for each of their Social Sciences study areas; Global Studies, Sociology, and Psychosocial.

The films needed to be bold and innovative, presenting the Social Science’s offering in a powerful way that would resonate with potential students.

How did we approach the brief?

The brief from the client was clear – no talking heads, no generic footage of the campus.
The UEL team wanted something punchy and unique that matched the attitudes and teaching approaches of the courses themselves.

Our approach was to take the viewer out of the university environment and move them into one of our Spectrecom Studios.

Bringing three contributors into a neutral space, we used a technique called double exposure (which places imagery inside a silhouette) to explore the various ways in which social sciences students can impact the world, society, and the self.

With each contributor representing one of the study areas, we used the double exposure technique to fill their silhouettes with imagery that best illustrated each of the study areas’ focus and applications – highlighting the areas’ content as well as their application to the real world.

The idea was create a film that was modern and relevant with a cinematic feel, showcasing how learning can be practically applied outside of university.

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