Loughborough University London

Thinking Big

Title: Thinking Big

Delivery: 1 minute 30 animation

Talent: Pre-production, creative, animation, motion graphics, post-production

What was the brief?

Loughborough University in London (or LUiL for short) is the new London campus of Loughborough University, situated in Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford. It will be welcoming its first students from 2015, to study a range of postgraduate programmes.

As part of its promotional offering to prospective students, LUiL requested two new films. Firstly, a live-action montage aimed squarely at a domestic audience. And secondly, this film – an animation aimed at both UK-based and international students.

How did we approach the brief?

With the campus not actually yet open, a fully animated approach gave us the flexibility to bring all the aspects of the LUiL offering to life.

We used the notion of ‘Thinking Big’ as our creative hook, drawing a clear link between the ambitious nature of the whole LUiL venture and the personal ambitions of our target audience of prospective students.

This concept was then realised through an animation style crafted by our senior motion designer, expertly combining isometric-3D elements with dynamic typography.

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