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Title: Making Waves Campaign

Delivery: Undergraduate recruitment campaign overview film and 6 ‘Icon’ films.

Talent: Creative, filming, direction, aerial/drone filming, production, post-production

What was the brief?

Coinciding with the opening of its brand new Bay Campus, Swansea was launching a fresh undergraduate recruitment campaign built around the theme of ‘Icons’.

As part of this campaign, we were asked to create both a 90-second and 30-second film for each of the six individual icons Swansea had selected, all with the aim of inciting interest in prospective UK undergraduates.

How did we approach the brief?

The aesthetic we developed for the films was eye-catching and engaging, using the atmospheric Swansea settings as the backdrop for our dynamic half-dozen.

Graduate Ben Donovan was filmed in the city’s Liberty Stadium where he now works, while Dr Ben Evans was pictured with the model of the BLOODHOUND, a supersonic car he helped design. Also featured is student Carys Chambers, who showcased her passions for engineering and Ultimate Frisbee.

Instead of any spoken audio we developed a narrative in which the audience would be immersed, allowing for the completed suite of films to have a warmly aspirational feel that is both epic and intimate.

Filming over seven days in and around both campuses, we had the luxury of being able to concentrate a day of filming per ‘icon’, to really capture both their academic and social lives.

One highlight (especially for our camera operator and surfing enthusiast Kieran Hodges) was filming in the sea with student entrepreneur Nathan John, both of them on surfboards with Go Pros and a setting sun. It was lucky this project had a comfortable amount of shooting time as they didn’t return from the waves for hours.


The overview has since been repurposed for release as a cinema advert and has been promoted on video-on-demand services such as All 4 and ITV Player.


Director: Dan Miles
Camera Op: Alex Kerr, Kieran Hodges
Producer: Arthur Briggs
Editor: Kieran Hodges
Creative: Paul Martin, Danielle Wilmot
Account Manager: Oliver Knight

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