Southampton Solent University

Student Recruitment & Brand Awareness Campaign
Southampton Solent University

Title: Student Recruitment and Brand Awareness Campaign

Delivery: Two films

Talent: Creative, production, post-production, graphics, animation, V/O

What was the brief?

Southampton Solent University approached us looking to produce two films; one focusing on recruitment among prospective students and the other acting as an awareness raising ‘banner’ for the university.

The films needed to resonate with their audiences, showcasing the university’s modern and creative standing and solidifying its place as a haven for prospective students and a credible partner for community/business stakeholders.

How did we approach the brief?

Solent boasts incredible facilities, which we saw for ourselves with the powerful imagery on the virtual tours on the university website.

We used this as the raw material to drive our approach, which consisted of filming 360º around the most spectacular locations Solent had to offer, using a fixed camera on a rotating rig.

On top of this, we also manipulated animation, text-graphics and video footage into the environment through post-production to aid in communicating key messaging and to give the films that extra visual flourish.

We then tied the films together with resonating voiceovers; with testimonial soundbites from a variety of students for the recruitment film and a single, scripted narration for the brand film.


Account Manager: Oliver Knight
Southampton Solent University: Martin Jenner, Jeremie Molho, Jayne Paddington
Producer: Arthur Briggs
Creative: Ryan Goodge
Director: Chris Karageorgiou
Camera Op: James Adair
Editor: Etem Ozyay
Visual Effects: Javier Santaella

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