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Undergraduate Medicine in Malta
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Title: Undergraduate Medicine in Malta

Delivery: Online recruitment film

Talent: Production, filming, direction, aerial/drone filming, overseas filming, casting

What was the brief?

Earlier this year, the folks at Queen Mary University of London approached us and asked if we wanted to go to the Mediterranean for a bit… To make a film of course, promoting their new Malta-based medical school and accompanying programmes.

As a top 1% institution they had quite the reputation to maintain, but at the same time they needed to attract potential students to the sunny island lifestyle that Malta has to offer. Which is quite the challenge.

How did we approach the brief?

This was a pretty unique opportunity to show something that doesn’t exist anywhere else; a London education with a Mediterranean lifestyle. It deserved some pretty unique technique to make it stand out.

We pulled out all the stops, drones and an editing technique called match cutting (which shows the difference and similarity in two shots at the same time, clever right?) Cutting between the world class London facilities in London and the beautiful scenery of Malta shows how the two are going to combine and create the perfect course. The drone shots add flair throughout and give the eyes a feast even as the film opens.


Account Manager: Kathy Bird
Producer: Laura Merrett
Creative: Paul Martin
Director: Peter Ford
Camera Operator: Eduardo Vento
Editor: Peter Ford

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