What was the brief?

Having worked with PriestmanGoode on several projects, we were delighted when they contacted us earlier this year to collaborate with them on a new TV ad, this time to launch Canadian airline WestJet’s new aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner.

How did we approach the brief?

Creating the inside of an aircraft in a studio takes a team of talented people, something we were aware of from our work with PG on previous projects. With our Director and VFX Supervisor raring to go, we began to work on planning the lighting conditions, camera movements and cast that we needed to mimic the environment of the aircraft cabin.

As with every green screen shoot, precision was key, especially as we had to marry our content with PriestmanGoode’s 3D visualisation of the plane.


The result of the project was a success; a slick, eye-catching and dynamic TV ad that showcased this superb new addition to WestJet’s fleet.


Exec Producer: Rob Jowers
Producer: Kate Bromley
Director: Dan Jobson
DOP/Camera Operator: Alex Kerr
Camera Assistant: Guy Francis
Focus Puller: Rory Tilford
Casting Director: Jamie-Lee Carr
Production Assistant: Anna Wyn
Lighting Technician: Chris Perry
Visual Effects Supervisor: Nic Durber
VFX Motion Control: The Visual Effects Company
Playback Operator: Kiara Bailey
Stylist: Patrick Jack
Hair and Makeup: Samire Sairally
Photographer: Ajay Arora
CG Design: PriestmanGoode
Creative and Screenplay: Rob Walksh & PriestmanGoode Team

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