Oxford MSc Financial Economics

Meet our MFE students

Title: MSc Financial Economics

Delivery: 1 of 6 films

Talent: Creative, pre-production, talking heads, post-production


What was the brief?

Saïd Business School wanted a new suite of online videos with a fresh look and feel, that would provide student insight into the school in general and its postgraduate programme in financial economics specifically.

We were asked to create six quick-fire interview videos, each focusing on a different MFE student, and a further longer video, giving an overview of the school and the course.

How did we approach the brief?

Our film crew used a direct-to-camera shooting style for the interviews. It’s an approach which is contemporary and helps to establish an immediate connection between the interviewee and the viewer.

The sound-bites that the crew drew from the interviewees are rich in information about the school while also providing a personal perspective on why the students chose to study there.

The different videos make great use too of the various Oxford locations – from the famous Radcliffe Camera to the school’s own outdoor amphitheatre.

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