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Meet the World

Title: Meet the World at SOAS

Delivery: Overview film

Talent: Creative, location filming, studio filming, post-production,

What was the brief?

Based right in the heart of central London, SOAS is a truly international university. It delivers specialist courses in a wide range of areas with particular focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and its student body is made up of no fewer than 133 different nationalities.

SOAS wanted this unique identity and atmosphere brought to life in a brand new overview film. The film needed to capture the academic excellence of the university, as well as showcasing its diversity, vibrancy and creativity.

How did we approach the brief?

Right from the outset of this project, our approach was always focused on being bold and imaginative, in order to create an outstanding film which perfectly encapsulated SOAS’ distinctive personality.

For example, the opening scene of dust exploding from a musical instrument in slow motion was conceived not just as a dramatic way to open the film but also a visual expression of the idea of SOAS students’ influence rippling out around the globe.

The creative use of audio and imagery is complemented by powerful interview sound-bites, giving the film a solid factual bedrock. In turn, dynamic visuals such as the 360-degree sequences and paint-throwing finale celebrate the energy, curiosity and brilliance of SOAS as a university.


“I’d just like to thank everyone involved for all the hard work, perseverance and sheer genius that has gone into making this film – everyone is chuffed with the end product. In fact, in my two years at SOAS, I can’t think of anything that has been so universally liked!”

Jamie Wells

Director of Marketing, SOAS

Behind the Scenes


Director: Matt Farman
Camera Operator: Kieran Hodges
Producer: Laura Merrett
Creative: Paul Martin

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