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Cosmos Sculpture
London Met Cosmos

Title: Cosmos Sculpture

Delivery: Brand awareness event film

Talent: Creative, direction, production, DoP, filming, sound design, post-production


What was the brief?

During a pitch for London Metropolitan Universities’ new TVC campaign, we presented a concept that saw all of London Met’s faculties coming together and creating a physical representation of the newly created London Met brand – nicknamed the Cosmos.

In the end, it was one of our other ideas that was commissioned for the TVC but London Met was so excited by this faculties concept that the team commissioned it as an additional project, aimed at promoting the university’s new brand campaign.

How did we approach the brief?

Using the new ‘Cosmos’ logo as the basis for the structure design, we created (with help from the design and tech teams within London Met) a three-metre tall replica in its image; a spiralling pattern of 84 ‘atoms’ meticulously built from aluminium, neon lights and an abundance of plastic tubes.

These tubes were then filled with objects that best represented the University’s faculties.

Students, academics and staff alike spent a week deliberating on the items that would best represent them and their contribution to the university.
We also captured a selection of audio recordings from the contributors, which were embedded in the structure giving it a further element of interactivity.

The completed structure was finally revealed at a special event in London Met’s Great Hall to a select group of spectators.

Captured on film from start to finish, the resulting piece was a unique chronicle of this collaborative project that brought faculties together over a common cause.


After the success of our first major film with London Met, we were keen to score a second big win with this exciting new project – and score we did.

The film was a huge success, both at the event itself and with Head of Marketing, Demetria Maratheftis:

“Once again, you and your team have ruddy well done it! This looks amazing and just what we were going for!”


Account Manager: Oliver Knight
Producer: Clemence Bartram
Creatives: Danielle Wilmot, Paul Martin
Directors: Matt Farman, Peter Ford
DOP: James Adair
Camera Ops: Kieran Hodges, Alex Kerr, Matt O’Brien, Eduardo Vento
Camera Assists: Guy Francis, Dan Berens, Jessi Gutch
Editors: Alex Kerr, Luigi Rizzo
Sound Design and Recording: Mark Kershaw, Yasmin Goodwin

(with help from the design and tech teams within London Met and Kemp London)

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