Keele University

Milo & Mylo

Title: Milo & Mylo

Delivery: 1 minute film

Talent: Creative, production, animation, illustration, post-production

What was the brief?

Conjure up a pantheon of history’s smartest minds and who’d be sat on it? Albert Einstein? Leonardo da Vinci? Ada Lovelace? Well, putting aside such frontrunners for a minute, the video we’ve just produced for Keele University throws two new hopefuls into the mix… say hello to Milo and Mylo.

Spectrecom is lucky enough to have been a video production partner of Keele’s for a few years now. We always enjoy the originality the university brings to each brief, eager as it is to communicate its unique character.

For this latest video, we were asked to cook up something fun and creative that would tie in with Keele’s ongoing ‘Smart Minds’ recruitment campaign.

How did we approach the brief?

The concept which ended up being produced was the brainchild of the project’s producer, Clemence Bartram, who suggested a bright animation featuring two near-identical characters.

One of those characters would always rush headlong into situations with comic consequences. The other would be altogether more thoughtful in their choices, reflecting the Keele approach.

Thus was born Milo and Mylo! As the script has it, just as alike as two grains in a silo.

Following their parallel paths from toddler age, through school, teenage years and exams, up to the point of picking a university, the video’s finale makes neat use of YouTube interactivity, allowing viewers to click on their chosen path.

In terms of the animation itself, Milo and Mylo were given form by designer Juste Halavin and life by animator Nic Durber. Well done to them and the rest of the team involved.

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