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What was the brief?

We’ve worked a lot with Kingston University over the years, so were excited when they came back to us once again with a new brief for their Health, Social Care and Education Faculty (which is a joint enterprise with St George’s University of London, another or our clients!)

The University was keen to showcase the diverse community of staff and students that reside within the department, as well as what drives them to study in these areas.

In addition to interview content, the university wanted to show students in action, helping to showcase facilities and placements that are on offer within the four subject areas of Nursing, Social Work, Midwifery and Teaching.

As well as four main films, the university also commissioned a selection of short social edits to create a broader campaign.

How did we approach the brief?

Our approach to the brief was to ask one simple question – Should I be a…?

Because the faculty deals exclusively with vocational subjects, the one question that a lot of prospective students will ask is not, ‘should I study this’, or ‘where will this degree take me’ – it’s should I actually BE a teacher, social worker, midwife, nurse… It’s a much bigger question. So we decided to tackle it head-on.

The resulting films were a series of interviews with current students that asked them to answer the questions all prospective students will want to know before deciding what to study.

Cutaways allowed us to branch out and show more of the students ‘in action’, giving prospective students a better idea of how they’ll be studying and where.


The films we delivered met the brief perfectly and offered a great insight into the life of an HSCE student. The client was really pleased with the result and we’re excited to see the results when the films are released.


Producers: Jake Hafer
Creative: Toby Syer
Account Manager: Kathy Bird

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