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Title: Education is Great Series

Delivery: 11 films

Talent: Pre production, filming, creative, studio filming, graphics, post-production

What was the brief?

The British Council USA asked Spectrecom to produce a series of films, each one profiling one or two leading UK-based academics.

The aim with the series was to promote the excellence and eclecticism of UK education to US students who might be interested in coming to Britain to study.


How did we approach the brief?

The interviews were all shot at our film studios against a white infinity backdrop. We used varied camera angles and framing to help ensure each film felt visually dynamic, even in this ‘limbo space’.

We worked with the contributors to draw strong, succinct sound-bites from them. And their words were reinforced by playful onscreen animations.


The series has been online for just over a month, picking up more than 100,000 YouTube views so far.


Creatives: Danielle Wilmot & Arthur Briggs
Creative producer: Arthur Briggs
Director: Arthur Briggs
Editor: Barnaby Austin
Illustrator: Juste Halavin
Graphic Designer: Farid Akhadov
DOP: Matt Farman
Camera Operators: James Adair & Alex Kerr
Lighting Technician: Ionut Apetroae

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