Birmingham City Council

Underground Music Scene

Title: Should the Underground Music Scene Stay Underground?

Delivery: 4 films

Talent: Creative, pre-production, production, location filming, interviews, post-production

What was the brief?

This brief was a musical one; promote Birmingham as a destination for music festivals and events to benefit the local community. Inspiring and informing businesses, consumers and students about the banging music scene that Birmingham has. It needed to have an authentic and underground feel and include a talking head or two.

How did we approach the brief?

We had to venture through the underground music scene ourselves. Picking out four prime examples of musicians, media and venue managers that encapsulate all of the musical activity that takes place in the city. We accompanied their interviews with shots of them in action in whatever role they took in the music world.

Each interview ended in the same way, by asking the question ‘Should the underground music scene stay underground?’ which was met with a set of similar answers but from different perspectives. But overall everyone agreed that the music in Birmingham was ready to move to the mainstream, but the underground was the place to nurture that talent.


What we created was four films that delved into the musical underbelly of Birmingham and came out with some fresh insights and interesting stories. The results paint the scene as one that filled with potential and talent and they also greatly impressed and pleased the client.

“Thanks for everything you have done, you guys are delivering incredible, inspiring work that has the power to influence and evoke emotional response on mass with your viewer (which is exactly what we want to achieve), and that is why I was so desperate to work with you on this project” – Beccy Lyons, Marketing and Communications, Birmingham City Council


Account Manager: Kathy Bird
Producer: Rob Jowers
Creative: Paul Martin
Director: Chris Karageorgiou
Camera Op: Alex Kerr
Camera Assistant: Dan Berens
Editor: Rob Gordon, Chris Karageorgiou
Behind the Scenes: Hayley Canning

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