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Title: Start your Story

Delivery: 2 minute film

Talent: Creative, pre-production, production, location filming, post-production


What was the brief?

As part of a groundbreaking partnership, Bath Spa University works in tandem with US-based Shorelight Education to provide even greater opportunities for international students.

Spectrecom was asked by Bath Spa and Shorelight to produce a short film with an aspirational feel and strong appeal for an audience of prospective students from overseas.

How did we approach the brief?

One of the strengths of this film was always going to be its setting; Bath, after all, is one of the UK’s most picturesque cities. We took full advantage of this beautiful backdrop, shooting extensively around the city with a cast of real-life students.

This footage was then combined with Polaroid photographs we had taken with the students, to bring to life the idea that the memories of your university days truly will last a lifetime.

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