American Express

Invites Animations

Title: Invites Animations

Delivery: Animation films

Talent: Pre-production, animation, motion graphics, post-production

What was the brief?

American Express Invites gives Amex customers rewards and special offers across a range of different areas – including sport, film, food, fashion and music.

As part of a multi-part project designed to increase awareness of the Amex Invites programme, we were asked to produce a film which showcased the impressive range and quality of its offering.

How did we approach the brief?

Our idea for this project started with the image of an Amex Invites envelope – an image which spoke to the exclusive nature of the programme and offered a device for delivering a succession of quick-changing animated scenes.

The viewer is guided through the film by voiceover narration, written in line with Amex’s tone of voice guidelines. In addition to creating this English-language edit, we also recorded voiceovers in a number of different languages for use across international markets.

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