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School Recruitment Overviews

Title: School Recruitment Overviews

Delivery: 3 x 90 Second Online Films

Talent: Creative, Filming, Direction, Casting, Post-Production, Editing, Production, Grading, Sound Design and Mix.

What was the brief?

ACS International School approached Spectrecom with a brief to create a recruitment film for the lower schools at ACS Cobham and ACS Egham, and the early year’s programme at ACS Cobham.  The goal was to boost the recruitment numbers, differentiate ACS from other private schools and its closest competitors and to relaunch the programmes as separate entities, not just as part of the larger school.

How did we approach the brief?

The approach was to capture the real feel of the schools, and for the lower schools, who better to do that than the pupils themselves.

We worked with the teachers and marketing team at ACS to cast the best pupils that would offer interesting stories and insights. Each pupil was interviewed and the interviews were captured on a simple phone camera and shared with us.

From those interviews, we made our selection and used the content to guide the scripts. Ensuring that the pupils we chose would be strong on camera and be comfortable with the information they were delivering.

On the day we shot in a wide aspect ratio to capture a sense of the surroundings as well as the performances of the pupils and the two combined created a sense of wide open spaces filled with engaged and happy children. Exactly the energy we were going for.

We took a slightly different approach for the early years programme, which had much younger pupils. Opting instead for a documentary style of shooting and graphics to tell the story.


The three films that we created sit on the ACS website and represent their respective schools, offering both parents and potential students a look into the world of ACS.

The content was well received by the client who feels that we really met the needs of the brief and delivered a premium product. Exactly what their brand needed.


Producers: Jimmy Watson
Account Manager: Oliver Knight
Creative: Toby Syer
Director: Tom Pickard

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