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Ryan Goodge

Creative Scriptwriter

“Never worry what other people think of you, because no one ever thinks of you.”

Making a career out of shuffling words about so they look pretty always seemed like an outlandish goal to Ryan, but he’s delighted that he somehow managed to pull it off.

Ryan’s primary role at Spectrecom is to develop concepts, script and pitch, and write entertaining articles for the Studio Blog – befuddling the crew with his incessant supply of kooky shirts has also become a bit of a personal task for him.

A film and drama graduate from the University of Kent, Ryan is at home both behind and in front of the camera, having written and acted for numerous films and plays. One of his films, ‘Clean Money’ was awarded best feature at LA CineFest. He also spent a year abroad studying at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and mowing down pedestrians on his bicycle (accidentally.)

When he isn’t plucking abstruse thoughts from his head and attempting to compose them into fathomable screenplays, Ryan can usually be found clocking up some serious Netflix hours, eating spaghetti straight from the tin, or watching people fall off things on YouTube.
You may also spot him down the pub, double-parking pints and taking the occasional shot at witty banter using corny platitudes for ammunition.

“I love these guys.”

Ryan Goodge
Ryan Goodge

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