Dan Berens

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Dan Berens

Film Assist

“A beehive can apparently be moved two inches each night without disorienting the bees the next morning. Surprisingly, if it is moved two miles, the bees also have no problem: They are forced by the total displacement of their environment to re-orient their sense of direction, which they can do easily enough. But if the hive is moved two yards, the bees will become fatally confused. The environment does not seem different to them, so they do not re-orient themselves, and as a result, they will not recognize their own hive when they return from forging, hovering instead in empty space where the hive used to be, which the hive is itself sits just two yards away.” – Walter Murch

Dan is an aspiring cinematographer and is currently Film Assist/Operate at Spectrecom Films. Dan’s hobbies include cycling, running and hummus eating.

“Spectrecom is a great place to meet incredibly talented filmmakers. It amazes me how small the industry is and how at Spectrecom I begin to meet with the same amazing people I’ve worked with previously.”

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