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Anna Wyn

Production Assistant

Delightful as always, Anna’s invaluable roles here at Spectrecom includes facilitating the assistance of our production team and general team support. On top of this, she also takes charge of production for some of our smaller projects. 

Prior to Spectrecom, Anna had produced theatrical shows which were performed at venues from The Chelsea Theatre to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Since working at Spectrecom, her client portfolio has expanded greatly, producing videos for UOL, Cranfield, nCino and UCl. As well as assisting on projects for Barclays, COS and BBC Bitesize.

Outside of work, Anna can most likely be found on the weekend at Peckham Plex, attempting not to kill her succulents and perfecting the art of cooking cacio e pepe! She also Spectrecom’s only resident Welsh speaker! 

At the end of the day … when all’s said and done … d’ya know what I mean?’  – Nessa, Gavin and Stacey

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