Our Story

From Deptford to Hollywood

In 1993 Spectrecom was just a trading name under which our founder, Andrew Greener, started to develop film ideas. But when Sarah Aynesworth and Steve Milton, fellow filmmakers from university days, joined, then the business really started to take off.

Our combined studio and production model was apparent from the outset; we progressed from a small studio in an old Deptford carburettor factory, via Waterloo Film Studios, to the 3 sound stage complex we have at Kennington today. Our commitment to CSR and our ambition to make commercials and TV projects were there from the beginning too, as was our own in-house team of filmmakers. Except that there are now over 50 of us!

Spectrecom really is unique; it’s reminiscent, albeit in microcosm, of the golden age of Hollywood studios where creative drive, film output and production services could be found in one place and under one management.

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