Our Services

At Spectrecom, we offer a genuine end-to-end solution, from content planning and concept development, right through to production and distribution campaigns.

It’s all in-house too, providing our clients with cost-effective services and total convenience.


Every effective film, video or TV advertising campaign starts with a tailored, insight-driven strategy. Without careful planning, poor results and disappointment are almost guaranteed.

Our account managers and strategists will help you maximise returns on any investment, adding value to every single minute of footage you shoot with our in-house team.


Spectrecom is home to an award-winning team of writers, directors and filmmakers. They develop memorable concepts and innovative campaigns that cut through the noise.

If you have an initial idea that needs developing, a marketing goal to be fulfilled or an audience that needs reaching, our team are here to help you smash your objectives.


Our London studio complex includes a wide-range of production facilities, from green screen studios and post-production suites, to a voice-over recording booth and screening rooms.

Our dedicated team of producers, camera-operators and editors film a huge variety of content on-site, but also operate on location across the UK and around the world too.


Without targeted distribution, good film, video and TV content will usually fail to find its audience. Spectrecom offers bespoke media buying services to ensure this never happens.

Including TV, online and cinema distribution campaigns, our strategists will develop a campaign that’s just right for you! We get great results too.

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