Just like any other web video production agency, we at Spectrecom must rely on a rich variety of job roles filled by the very best people if we are to deliver true end-to-end results. Not only is it crucial that we look for creativity, flair and ambition in those who actually work on video productions, but this is also true of comrades at the office. We relish the opportunity to reward hard work when it is due, and we are pleased to announce that Zabihullah Sahil Safdari will be joining the company full-time as an accountant as of the 4 of Febuary 2013. Upon hearing the news, Zabih had the following to say…

“I am very happy to be putting the accountancy skills I have learned at Lambeth College to the test here at Spectrecom.”

Our managing director, Andrew Greener, had originally recruited Zabihullah on a part-time, temporary basis whilst he finished education. But Andrew was so impressed with his performance that he has extended this to a full-time offer, effective once his studies are complete at the end of this month.

Zabihullah has been working with our senior accountant Kate O’Dwyer during the closing months of last year, and will now continue on a full-time basis to help drive the business forward into 2013. We are all very proud to have him on board and very glad that he has decided to remain within the Spectrecom family for the foreseeable future. Welcome to the team Zabih!


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