Its often tough to get a lively debate going on the Internet in general let alone YouTube, but a new comments system set to be launched on the website should help to sort the trolls from the true fans.Channel owners will soon have the power to ban certain commenters who continually leave negative messages as well as create filters that block certain words.

Google will also be personalizing the site with regards to comments meaning that not only will you be able to see the comments your friends make when you log on but the comments made by your friends and followers will rise to the top on your videos.

‘Comments that you care about’ will be placed above any others on your uploaded videos, this doesn’t just mean the people within your Google+ circles but also relevant comments and posts from popular personalities.

This could mean good news for video marketing as negative comments can often sour the progress of a video. Is this another blight on the record of free speech online though? Use your right to tell us on Twitter @spectrecom

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