We’re watching fewer YouTube videos, but the ones we are watching are longer, and we’re spending more time on the site. Part of that change is down to YouTube’s own mission to deliver increasingly professional and impressive content, and that mission has just seen the web giant open a new studio in Japan.

The new studio is based in the Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo, a location this writer has visited (finding it, in truth, a bit soulless, albeit distinguished by the presence of a giant spider. Fact!).

And like other YouTube video production facilities in Europe and the US, the new studio is available to selected content creators who will be able to use its three soundstages and extensive postproduction facilities entirely free of charge.

Filmmakers who want to be involved need to apply online and, if accepted, they get three months access to the studio to cook up the next wave of YouTube sensations. Just like this classic! (Er, or maybe not…)

Spectrecom is a full-service video production company, but we also operate Spectrecom Studios, meaning we know exactly the advantages of having a fully-integrated studio setup.

YouTube’s own motivation for helping enable the creation of improved content is undoubtedly motivated by a desire for increased ad revenues, but that connects to its understanding of its own viewers: that they want the most innovative, original and surprising content to watch.

As mentioned, Spectrecom Films also operates Waterloo Film Studios. Take a look at our studio tour to see the full range of our facilities and some of the shoots we’ve had in.

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