Very recently, YouTube announced that they would be going ahead with associated website annotations.  The feature has only been in beta mode for the last few weeks, but now it’s here.  Partners in good odours with the site (who also declare that their YouTube channel is the official representation of their brand) can now put annotations on their videos that will link directly to their website. 

The opportunities presented by these annotations are huge, especially if most of your content is on YouTube anyway. Imagine the possibilities – your calls-to-action can lead viewers to your website where you can sell your own stuff, offer exclusive content, and not be inhibited by the rules of YouTube. This offers a much more of a seamless process for your customers.

Here at Spectrecom we offer expert YouTube optimisation paired with targeted seeding campaigns, so if the thought of honing your YouTube channel in light of these new changes is a little daunting then get in touch with us today.

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