With more and more big events being televised and made available online it is no surprise that many in the online video community believe that the medium will soon surpass it’s offline counterpart. Recently we have seen the initial reliance on catch-up internet TV move towards the live domain with sporting events, concerts and even regularly schedules programming all being streamed on various sites.

Should television bosses be worried about YouTube stealing all their viewers then? The simple answer is “no”. As the online video medium has grown it has differentiated itself from the regular old TV. It has become a domain where creativity and quality content is king, because it has to. Internet trends move far too rapidly for brands and creators to rest on an audience they have created. The fact is television is here to stay, it has a tried and tested delivery method both for content and advertising, it has an audience and a history which makes it timeless.

Online video is constantly evolving, we are already at the stage where terms like “viral video” are becoming passé with the best brands focusing on more long-term projects focusing on interactivity, sharing and the craft of filmmaking itself. While the idea of a viral when never go away, the accidental nature of them leaves them still firmly in the hands of the Youtubers themselves.

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