Sometimes a client will come to us with a brief and we’ll ask “Have you considered presenting this information through animation?”.

We often suggest this because it will help convey the company message more clearly, especially if the script is complex and full of information.

Here are a few of our favourite animation videos which, conveniently, we also produced!

Charity Animations

Animation works well for the third-sector. As charity films often introduce facts and statistics in order to enforce their cause, doing it in a more visual way can mean the viewer absorbs more information and, better still remembers it. Animation also works well if the subject matter is quite emotional. Sometimes using real participants or actors can feel insensitive or unethical. In this instance, animation can offer a more sensitive or even light-hearted alternative.

This animation for Macmillan Cancer Support aimed to educate people affected by cancer about the financial repercussions they may face during their treatment. A sensitive subject matter and one with a lot of information to portray.

Instructional Animations

Animation is a great tool when a brand video is needed for a product that is still in concept stages or when a product demonstration is not viable for film. Animation can make what could be a relatively boring subject into a fun, informational film that captures the imagination of the viewer and demonstrates the capabilities of the product without it needing to be fully constructed.

Often animations can be a cheaper, more effective alternative to live-action, meaning your return on investment will be higher.

We produced this animation for Cycle Alert, a device used by cyclists to alert drivers of an approaching cyclist. Rather than using an expensive rig to capture a live action demonstration of the product on the road, we opted for animation and the result was a clear, informative film that brought the product to life.

Animations for E-Learning Videos

65% of people are visual learners, so animation is a great visual tool for E-Learning videos – especially those targeted at children. Being able to display visual charts, numbers and graphs in the form of a story allows the viewer to absorb more information but also to retain it. Something that is particularly important for educational content.

We produced six series of E-Learning videos for Macmillan Education, two of which were animation-based. The aim was to teach Spanish children English in a simple, entertaining way that would help them remember key phrases and grammatical rules.

Animations for the Corporate Sector

How many of us have watched a corporate video and found ourselves drifting off to a talking head for ten minutes? I’ll bet a fair few. But corporate films can be so much more engaging. Animation can turn even the most corporate messaging into the engaging, memorable content your company deserves.

We produced this animation for Lombard Risk, launching their new Technology Centre in Birmingham. These quick statistical animations were used to engage the Birmingham community in supporting the move. Check it out below:

These are just a few uses for animations, but the list goes on! Spectrecom produces animation films for a wide variety of clients. With an in-house illustrator and in-house animation specialists, we’ve got all the right expertise for your new animation film. Drop us a line and request a quote today, or just have a quick chat with someone about your options!

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