Digital influencers Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee reveal the challenges of managing successful Youtube channels with more than 10 million subscribers each. Here are key takeaways from their panel at the 2017 Media Production Show in London

They keep it simple and are consistent

If your goal is to build an audience, their tip is to create consistent and informal videos. Team interviews, industry opinions, behind the scenes and even daily vlogs are some examples of video content that people value from brands and companies because they feel authentic and real.

They offer real engagement to their audience

Sugg and Lee’s fans spend on average 10 minutes watching their videos. It is a very impressive number for an online platform, considering that the human attention span is 8 seconds.  They said they were able to achieve this by replying to comments and asking their audience to participate in their videos.

They tell different stories on different platforms

Both creators have millions of followers on Instagram and now produce linear TV formats, such as a feature-length documentary with the BBC Worldwide. To amplify their reach, they didn’t replicate Youtube’s strategy to other platforms- instead, they used their fanbase to help them reach new audiences on new platforms.

They’ve got a team of experts helping them 

Sugg and Lee have a team helping them to develop, produce, edit and analyze their videos and channel performance. They also are managed by Gleam Futures, a company which negotiates brand partnerships, licensing agreements and broadcasting deals for digital creators.

We have barely even started!

We’re only taking the initial steps on on-demand original content and programming. Netflix was one of the pioneers, Amazon and Youtube followed but Facebook, which has publicly declared that wants to become a video platform, hasn’t even started producing original content.

Video offers unique opportunities for creative storytelling and audience engagement. We’d love to hear your ambitions to start developing a video strategy for your company!

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