A week is a long time in video production, as someone probably once said. So it’s maybe asking a lot of you to cast your mind all the way back to April when we told you our work with West Kent housing association had been nominated in the ‘Use of Video for Business’ category at the Kent Digital Awards. But with the results now in, did it emerge triumphant?

As it happens, it did – laying claim to the Gold award in its category.

Huge congratulations to the team at West Kent. Well done too to all the Spectrecommers who’ve lent their talents to the various projects we’ve produced on their behalf.

2015 was the first year for the Kent Digital Awards, which have been set up to recognise the online achievements of a whole range of businesses, schools and charities from across the county.

Ever since Spectrecom was first selected by West Kent as the charity film production company it wanted to work with, we’ve been impressed by the forward-thinking approach they’ve brought to every project.

They’re always completely committed to making the strongest films possible, understanding that this will better engage their audience and allow them the best chance of triggering the desired actions.

Our West Kent Lifeways film really embodies that approach.

West Kent Lifeways secures two IVCA nominations

Lifeways is a scheme operated by West Kent aiming to help vulnerable and disadvantaged tenants find housing. Our brief was to produce a film which would promote the scheme to landlords, encouraging them to get involved.

We took a strongly story-led approach, filming with several different documentary case studies in order to provide the audience with a nuanced perspective on the issue.

The look of the film was creative, with the use of bold cutaway imagery in particular giving it a real visual power. This filmic feel helped to hook in the audience, encouraging them to empathise with the contributors and their situations.

The success of that approach is attested to by the impact achieved: following the film’s launch, the uptake of new landlords on the Lifeways scheme doubled. It was also acclaimed by West Kent as delivering more in six minutes than any previous marketing letter, webpage or leaflet.

The Kent Digital Awards isn’t the first trophy for the film work we’ve created with West Kent; the Lifeways film also won Silver in the ‘Best Documentary’ category at the IVCA Awards and it was highly commended in the ‘Best Director’ category at the same event.

Spectrecom Films is a London-based video production company that regularly works with charity clients of all sizes, helping them to achieve great results through smart use of video.

If you’d like to speak to us about a video project, get in touch with our Client Services Director Christiaan Harden on 0203 405 2274 or email christiaan.harden@spectrecom.co.uk

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