With more than 30million views, chances are you’re very familiar with the RSA Animate series of videos. However, dandy as the original specimens are, the format has been mercilessly mimicked over the course of the last year, with legions of pale imitations appearing online. Which made us think it was fine time as any to exhume a classic clip poking fun at whiteboard mania.

For those outside the aforementioned 30mill, the RSA Animate videos each present a lecture by a leading academic thinker, delivered at a free event run by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

But the hook of the series is that instead of the audio being accompanied by footage of the crusty brainiac shuffling their notes at the podium, the lecture is illustrated by a marker-pen wielding hand (belonging to ‘scribe’ and RSA Fellow Andrew Park), with dozens and dozens of cartoonish drawings being created on a plain white backdrop over the course of the runtime.

Here’s an example of the format in action…

Yet as Scott Howard would all too readily attest, popularity comes with a price. And for RSA Animate that price has been dozens of unconnected online videos ‘paying homage’ to the style it pioneered to such success.

So in response to the proliferation of these doppelgangers, here’s a spoof whiteboard ad (originally made to lampoon a campaign by shipping company UPS) which ‘illustrates’ some of the limitations of the marker-plus-whiteboard-equals-great-video paradigm.

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