When it comes to video marketing, charities can find themselves treading a tricky tightrope. After all, making sure your latest ad doesn’t put any noses out of joint while still hooking in the kind of substantial audience that makes an investment in video worthwhile can be a tough balance to strike.

One charity campaign to have recently struck that balance every bit as perfectly as Frank Lampard strikes a free kick is Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, which each year encourages Canadians all across that great nation to rise from the comfort of their couches and put one foot in front of the other in order to raise some money.

The campaign’s new ad, simply titled ‘For AIDS’, lampoons the modern tendency towards an overkill of activity in the name of a good cause, when a simple act (like say, walking) can be just as effective for raising cash. It’s the perfect message in an era when no Comic Relief is allowed to pass without a veritable army of c’lebs blindfold bunny-hopping from Belfast to Bognor Regis.

‘For AIDS’ takes its concept and executes it in uncomplicated but extremely effective manner – the quick-fire gag format keeping you tuned in till the final frame, even though you’ll twig the formula swiftly enough.

Spectrecom regularly brings its wide range of video production services to bear on behalf of a large roster of charity clients. We’ve made films for Children in Need, Oxfam, the Children’s Trust and the National Trust, among others, and any registered charity to work with us qualifies for a 15% discount. Take a look at our Charity Marketing page to find out more.

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