Putting web video content onto your TV at home used to be somewhat of a niche activity with VGA plugs or wireless streaming services needed, but according to the consumer-tracking service NPD, more and more people are turning to the big screen for a dose of web video rather than sitting at their computers.

According to NPD 45% of consumers say that the TV at home is their primary web video screen, that figure is up from 33% last year and actually represents almost a straight swap with the good old fashioned PC. This is certainly a product of the modern day web-ready televisions but with more and more devices such as games consoles tapping into the web video market coupled with the rise in popularity of services like Netflix the future is looking bright for web video to take over the television schedules.

With this change in behaviour it won’t be long until sites like Vimeo and YouTube become legitimate home entertainment channels. There has never been a better time to invest in episodic, structured video content online. It’s a great way to promote your brand and there is plenty of scope for innovation.

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