Skittles! Sweet li’l bundles of flavour and frivolity, and suitably revered for the irreverent excellence of its ad campaigns too. The latest off-the-wall wheeze is to build an upside-down rainbow out of 100,000 Skittles, an epic feat of fun that’s happening right here at our Studios, and you can watch the live streaming!

For the duration of this weekend, the blank canvas of our Studio 1 has been transformed into a backstreet warehouse – albeit one with a giant rainbow as its centrepiece. A giant rainbow that’s hungry for Skittles. And it needs your help in order to be filled.

To add your own individual Skittle to the batches being dropped into the rainbow, simply get yourself onto the monstrously popular Skittles Facebook page. Oh, and leave a personalised message while you’re at.

You can, of course, also watch the warehouse scene, which is live streaming over the next 48 hours – featuring our hapless security guard and various other bizarre interlopers and episodes.

The stream’s only five hours old, and already there’s been giant fly seeking revenge, a slinky Skittles thief, an outbreak of lycanthropy, and plenty more besides.

Here’s a link to check out the current goings-on, and be sure to tune in to catch the very special finale that will be happening once that rainbow has been fully built.

The Spectrecom team have been working hard on this project for a while now, in tandem with Mesh Marketing, and we’re delighted it’s now live for all to see and enjoy. And if you’d like to host your next shoot at Spectrecom Studios, go to the website to find out more about what we have to offer!

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