VW have been on a mission to subvert the standard YouTube video marketing ads recently by toying with the features of the player itself. Its certainly a nice gesture from a brand to try and make pre-roll ads at least mildly entertaining as they are utterly infuriating at the best of times. UK pop ‘music’ group Little Mix are currently cramming every YouTube intro I seem to have forced upon me with their incessant promotion for a single that seems to resemble an awful voicemail greeting and noting else – Thanks for trying VW.

This latest ‘hack’ from VW asks the viewer to utilize the frame feature on YouTube allowing you to see whats coming in the video. This is by no means a complicated feat and required nothing but a bit of creative thought to make something interactive without the need for pesky animations. Internet humour will always play out well especially on YouTube, we’re giving the thumbs up to VW on this one.

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