It’s been a big week for video production here at Spectrecom, and it’s been a big week for video games out in the wider world. So although the weather is hotting up, the anticipation of sitting indoors and plowing through some of the upcoming franchise releases has been heightened by a slew of trailers. We’ll start this week with the triple-bill trailer for GTA V where we see some proper character reveals and a little more insight into the gargantuan San Andreas level that awaits gamers. Rockstar Games are about to get very rich…again.

1. GTA V – Character Trailer

Next up its video game behemoth Call Of Duty with a teaser trailer for the next sequel to the insanely successful Modern Warfare series. This next one is called Ghosts and its all about dudes wearing masks.

2. Call Of Duty – Ghosts Teaser

Let’s break up the video games stuff with a quick reminder that Microsoft can actually be quite fun when it comes to ads. Here they are doing the double over Samsung and Apple users in a glorious spot for the Nokia Windows phone. The best part of the ad is where it says “Do not attempt” in the lower third.

3. Microsoft – Don’t Fight

Ok back to games and next up its a clip by the always entertaining Angry Review-er on the subject of the new Star Trek game – ‘Not the worst movie franchise game he has played’.

4. Star Trek – The Game – Angry Review

Last up this week something gloriously purile in the form of Cassette Boy vs Master BAKER – Paul Hollywood. If you’ve seen any brilliant video marketing or virals on YouTube recently send it to us via Twitter @spectrecom.

5. Cassette Boy vs Paul Hollywood

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