Video marketing, you either love it or you hate it. Marmite, the other famous proponent of this phrase has recently released a video that has moved a lot of people into the latter camp.First up in our chart this week is Marmite’s delightful pastiche of the emotive charity video. Of course with anything remotely controversial there has been lots of negative comment from all the usual places. We think its a spot on film though, what do you think?

1. Marmite – End Marmite Neglect

Next up its Stephen Colbert and a star studded Daft Punk dance-fest

2. Stephen Colbert – Get Lucky

Now that Peter Capaldi has been unveiled as the new Doctor can we expect to see lots of Malcolm Tucker-esque shenanigans? Of course not! It would be fun though, oh what could have been…

3. Malcom Tucker IS Doctor Who

What happens when you put an American coach in charge of an English ‘soccer’ team? NBC gives us an insight

4. An American Coach In London

Finally this week lets have some more football with Messi lighting it up for Adidas

5. Leo Messi – The New Speed Of Light

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