The football season having just drawn to a close has left some glum faces around the office, particularly the one Watford fan in the building. But fear not! The internet is not only a swamp of video marketing missives – there’s also a big wide world of sport out there on it.

The big football clubs are signing younger and younger players these days, eager to try and mould a new Messi. Chelsea goalkeeper Ross Turnball’s lad Josh has been showing off his skills on the pitch in a bid to impress the incoming José perhaps. His silky skills are first up this week.

1. Josh Turnball – Sign Him Up!

Sticking with the soccer we join Will Smith & Son on one of many recent press appearances to promote their latest film, and a chance for the one time Fresh Prince to slot a penalty…a chance that he blows in the worst possible way.

2. Will Smith – Penalty Kick

Moving on from the beautiful game lets re-locate to Kenya where a very casual High Jump contest is taking place. Just a couple of guys casually breaking records…probably

3. Kenyan High Jump

From proper sports to just plain self harm we move on to the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Contest of 2013. If you don’t know what that is, please watch and enjoy…

4. Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Contest 2013

Finally this week its a clip about the fans. The people that really count, turning up each week paying their money to watch millionaires etc. Anyway this one is funny because he picks his nose on the Jumbo-Tron. LOL

5. Pick Of The Day

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