Public Service Announcement films whilst helpful are usually either very dull or ludicrously shocking. So when every once in a while something actually creative comes along, its well worth making a fuss over. We focus on PSAs this week along with the best of the rest from the world of video marketing and more.

Two very different PSAs have been doing the rounds this week and they’re both brilliant. One is a straight up product of the “Prankvertising” trend and the other is a product of the Daily Mail and its readers not existing in Australia.

1. Get Your Hands Off It

Next up: Some Hollyoaks grade actors get scared in a bathroom…

2. Pub Loo Shocker

If you’re into video games you’ll know that E3 has been on this week. If you’re not into video games then the following video will probably make little sense to you. Here’s some classic Xbox baiting by Sony:

3. How to share games on a PS4

This is just a cool ad for Japanese motorbikes:

4. The Dark Side Of Japan

Finally this week its one of the weirdest ads we’ve seen in a long time, ok its not actually a real ad, but its pretty funny

5. Energy Noodles – Totally Legal Commercial

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