One event has dominated the Internet this week by both bringing Twitter to a standstill and starting a deluge of YouTube clips, all because some characters got killed off [Spoiler Alert]. We’re showing you the best clips from the week as well as the usual video marketing genius.Fans of Game Of Thrones have taken to the web with their grievances with author George RR Martin and his blatant disregard for characters that he has created and who readers and viewers have developed somewhat unhealthy attachments with. Late night TV host Conan O’Brien  thought Martin should see the aftermath of his deeds. It’s our first viral this week:

1. George RR Martin Watches Red Wedding Reaction Videos

A bit of football for you now and a not so efficient move from the German goalkeeper

2. USA v Germany – Own Goal

Some more George RR Martin on Conan next with his reasons for killing off his beloved characters

3. George RR Martin Likes His Fans To Be Afraid

Next up its the future star of a Buzz Cola commercial – turns out old dogs can learn new tricks…

4. Amazing 55 Year Old Man Still A Gnarly Skateboarder

Lastly its the new trailer for Fifa 14. Will it cost £90? Are you excited? Very few people in this office are : (

5. Fifa 14 Trailer

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