Will there be anything remotely amusing about this new Pope? He does bare a passing resemblance to George Bluth of Arrested Development, but does he share the same infatuation for ice cream sandwiches? He also kind of looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad – but can he cook meth? While we wait for the inevitable Pope virals to sprout up all over YouTube here’s a video in remembrance of the outgoing Pope Benedict…along with the rest of our picks of the week of course.

1. Pope Benedict XVI & his acrobatic friends

This utterly bizarre clip has been doing the rounds on social media ever since Pope Benedict decided to step down…as well as pretty much every time he made a vaguely homophobic remark…just bizarre.

2. Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon – The Test Drive

For the uninitiated, Jeff Gordon is a NASCAR driver – that’s the one where they drive round a circle really fast. But he’s also pretty good at doing skids and burnouts, as he shows this terrified car salesman in another brandedprank video.

3. HERB – The Oreo Robot

Ok so we talk about Oreos a lot here – but they are becoming major players in the video marketing game. This last installment of the Cookies or Cream series really takes the…biscuit…lol.

4. Melbourne Comedy Festival

Its comedy festival time in Melbourne soon, and the organizers have released this little gem of a teaser to get people in the mood. Some people really need to figure this one out we can all agree.

5. Pink Smoke Pope

How progressive is the new Pope going to be? Asks Cavaria. I think we’d all like to see a fresh modern outlook from Pope Francis.

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