We all remember Tupac at Coachella but it would now seem that dead celebrity holograms have entered the realm of video marketing as well. Find out who has been resurrected this week…Bruce Lee! But was he ever dead in the first place? First up this week its a CGI version of the greatest martial arts star of all time, and he’s advertising Johnnie Walker…is it wrong?

1. Bruce Lee – Johnnie Walker Blue

Next up its legendary video game series Grand Theft Auto and the gameplay trailer for the fifth iteration.

2. GTA V – Gameplay Trailer

And now. Living Legends present. The largest paintball battle in history. Epic.

3. Paintball War

Legendary US Burger joint Wendy’s have capitalized on a segment from Jimmy Kimmel whereby tweets are read out in an amusing way. Not that original but the result is pretty good, we’re looking forward to some more tunes:

4. Wendy’s – Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs

Last but not least legendary Saturday morning TV stars the Power Rangers celebrate 20 years with a morphtastic video

5. Power Rangers 20

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