It’s Friday, its time to have a gander at some quality web videos. This is less of a Viral Video Chart though, and more of a list of five of our favourite clips from the past week. In this edition you’ll see how one plucky little Shetland pony with a passion for moonwalking has blown away all of the Harlem Shake and Goat Noise videos that were clogging up the Internet – but its not the original Three advert we’re celebrating here, we’ve saved our first entry for the genius that created the video remix with perfect comic timing.

1. Three Pony – The Sequel 

We talked about the Oreo separator machine last week and the first video has been a tremendous hit garnering upwards of 3 million views. What you may not have realised is that the films were part of a series. Here is the second episode – wherein two scientists from Minnesota manage to split the oreos and atomize the cream…for eating.

2. Oreo – Separator Machine #2

Did you learn how to code at school? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and a host of other people making a tonne of money from the internet think its really important that you should. They do make a valid point considering most of us use computers everyday and most of us probably have no idea how the intricacies of software and programs work. Could we be looking at a whole new generation of young programmers?

3. What Most Schools Teach

If you’ve been on the Internet then you probably know who Cassetteboy is, well the master of the video remix has been at it again but this time he’s teamed up with Amnesty International to take a stand against the International Arms Trade…with a little help from Obama

4. Cassetteboy & Amnesty International vs. The Arms Trade

Another popular series next in the form of Bad Lip Reading. Their latest installment features the face of a thousand gifs Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield delivering a poorly lip read version of The Amazing Spiderman script. “I’m sorry, I just like juicy pork” being a particular highlight in an obviously emotional scene.

5. Bad Lip Reading – Peter & Gwen

Here’s a little bonus from us. You didn’t think we weren’t going to get involved with the Harlem Shake did you? We had to tick the box. Bandwagon!

[BONUS] – The Shaking

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