To any video production companies seeking the Next Big Thing, take note: Charles Ramsey is rapidly becoming the most famous man on the Internet. After first aiding the escape of the hostages in Cleveland, he has now become a YouTube star.

First there was his News interview – full to the brim of unbelievably hilarious quotes which are surely being printed on masses of T-Shirts as we speak. Then (perhaps a little too soon maybe?) the Gregory Brothers plugged in their autotune machine and made a track from the News piece that could quite possibly knock Daft Punk off the top spot if released. Lets hope that the profits from the ‘Dead Giveaway’ single are donated to the victims. It’s number one this week –

1. Dead Giveaway – Hero Charles Ramsey Songified

At number two we have the last edition of the Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy – The World’s End. Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and all the usual actors associated with the trio its shaping up to be a fitting finale. Loving the fence gag.

2. The World’s End Trailer¬†

A hero to some but mostly a villain around these parts we should probably pay respects to Fergie for his incredible innings as the United manager. The following clip is about as far as two Liverpool fans and Welshman who couldn’t care less are willing to go –

3. 7 Gaffes that left Fergie Fuming

Something cute now and a video shot in glorious slow motion reminding us to savour every moment with our pets. Cats and dogs playing in the snow shot on a high speed camera, it doesn’t get much better.

4. Savour Every Moment

Finally we see Audi pit Spock against Spock in a race to the Golf Course. Its more interesting than it sounds…if you like Star Trek. If you don’t why not head over to Twitter and tell us how lame we are and what we should have posted – @spectrecom

5. Zachary Quinto vs Leonard Nimoy – The Challenge

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