Another week, another opportunity for a celebrity to fail miserably at a sporting challenge. This week’s viral video chart kicks off with Carly Rae Jepsen throwing the first pitch.Clearly not a baseball fan (can you blame her?) the effort is unbelievably poor, with the ball trickling off the diamond. As usual the YouTube comments are brilliant “Draft her maybe” being my particular favourite.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen – Throws First Pitch

Next up its an actual sports fan. A young lad in Hanoi went for a jog alongside the Arsenal football team bus, a five mile jog. So the only decent thing to do really was to let him on and sign his shirt.

2. The Running Man – Arsenal FC

We love a good kit video here at Spectrecom. Here’s an entrant in the DJI Phantom video contest. This is what drones should be used for:

3. DJI Pantom – Niagra Falls

What if Twitter was like a really awful party full of really awful people? #awkward

4. Twitter Party

Finally this week its the nicest game of Yo Mama ever. Sponsered by Kmart

5. Yo Mama – Kmart

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