As usual its been a crazy week on the Internet and IRL with footballers biting, gloriously tasteless adverts and an American news anchor making the worst possible debut ever. That’s where we’re going to start – with poor AJ Clemente, first day on the job at NBC’s North Dakota News he made a name for himself in the opening seconds whilst psyching himself up in a rather sweary fashion.

1. AJ Clemente’s First Day

Next up its a bit of ‘hipster’ bashing courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel and his Lie Witness News segment. The worst kind of music fans were quizzed over some made up bands at the Coachella Festival and to no-ones surprise claimed to know who they were – Its like so totally cringe.

2. Lie Witness News – Coachella

Remington Steele? Anyone? Pierce Brosnan? Well before he was Bond and before he was Taffin he starred as the eponymous Steele in a series with some of the best episode title puns around. Fleet Street hacks take note.

3. Remington Steele – 61 Puns

I’m going to resist putting the latest Evian Baby ad up because i’m not a fan; where is the challenge in just repeating yourself? It was always going to be a hit despite the ridiculously mawkish nature of the clip. Instead here is a very different kind of ad, from Kent’s Meats. They turned the worst burglary attempt ever into a great video spot for themselves.

4. Kent’s Meats – Worst Burglary Ever

Finally we just have to show the Paddy Power ad again, its just incredible

5. Paddy Power – North Korea

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