Unless you have been living an Internet-free cave for a week you have probably noticed that YouTube have been running a Comedy Week. Suffice to say, the video marketing effort on the part of the ‘tube has been… intense.

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag quality wise with lots of YouTube ‘celebrities’ getting together with actual comedians, yielding some occasional quality. We’re chucking some in with the rest of our recent faves this week – starting off with SNL graduates – The Lonely Island…

1. The Lonely Island feat. Solange – SEMICOLON

Next up its a brilliant take-down of reprehensible clothing outlet Abercrombie & Fitch. This YouTuber has decided to start a campaign called #FitchTheHomeless in an effort to skew the brand’s horribly body fascist leanings.

2. #FitchTheHomeless

Did you catch Eurovision on the weekend? Did you have any idea what they were singing about? This video will give you some idea…

3. Eurovision – Misheard Lyrics

Ever thought about starting a Mumford Band? What’s wrong with you?! Well if you insist, here are some things you will need…

4. Start A Mumford Band!

And finally, a pretty breathtaking video for ANOTHER Call Of Duty game – this time set for the Next Generation consoles. Its called Ghosts and it would appear you have a canine companion to help you on your adventures massacring countless mercenaries.

5. Call Of Duty – Ghosts Reveal Trailer

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