Commander Chris Hadfield won the Internet this week. Forget big commercial video marketing campaigns – his capers and experiments in outer space have been racking up the views for months now, and his final stunt just took the space biscuit.The officer at the International Space Station wowed us all with his rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity – clocking up over 12 million views this week. It inspired this week’s installment and here it is at number one.

1. Space Oddity

From Space Oddity to just general oddity. Terry Crews has teamed up with Old Spice once again for another series of ads and as usual they’re completely bonkers.

2. Old Spice – Baby

Next up we have an ad from Windows that was ‘apparently’ accidentally leaked on YouTube and is all about the power of touch…and watermelons.

3. Windows 8 Training Camp – Watermelons

Do you hate hipsters? Everyone in the world seems to, even hipsters. What technically is a hipster? Well lets not get into that now, the important thing is that you need to be a good one to get into the Primavera Sound Festival.

4. Primavera Sound Foundation & Heineken

Lastly this week lets enjoy a little bit more Bowie love, not from Shatner though – we’ll leave it up the Flight Of The Conchords to play us out. BTW We’d totally put David Bowie’s excellent new video up on this list but its a little NSFW and this is a family viral video chart. If you want to call us out for being wusses hit us up on the Twitter @spectrecom

5. Flight Of The Conchords – Bowie’s In Space

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